Thursday, March 20, 2008

What the war has cost us

This is from 2003, only the younger victims:

Muhsen Numan Mmusa al-Ardawy 2 weeks Male shrapnel Basra 4/1/2003
Frsa Gwad Kathem al-Asbae 1 month Female burns al Zawea 3/23/2003
Bnet Hmed Hade Unes 2 months Female shrapnel Thrmston 4/30/2003
Tabarek Hamzaa Taleb 4 months Male missile al Salaam 3/29/2003
Nethem Hbeb Gsem Alsaade 4 months Female shrapnel al Shala 4/5/2003
Noor Saad 6 months Female missile al Naser 4/5/2003
Mohamad Marzuk Farhan al-Ajme 6 months Male bullets Najaf 4/6/2003
Mustafa Ghanem Johe 6 months Male shrapnel alJazeara 5/4/2003
Aumar Mahamed Jaasem 8 months Male bomb Basra 3/23/2003
Zmen Alabden Klel Thaef 8 months Female aircraft attack al Hmam 3/25/2003
Mohsen Basem Naji 8 months M shrapnel al Jazeara 5/4/2003
Ali Talb Gwad Abas 8 months Male al Jrewea 3/28/2003
Rkea Hmza Mnshad Alhgebe 8 months Female shrapnel Kreat 3/28/2003
Yasser Farouq Foaad 9 months Male broken in his head (bomb) 3/25/2003
Zuhair Alali Hussien 9 months Male as result of shock al Baker 3/25/2003
Fatma Khalel 9 months Female missile al Furat 3/26/2003
Rkea Hmza Mnshad Alhgebe 11 months Female bullets al Shrta 3/26/2003
Mstfa Alaa Gasem Algmale 11 months Male tank attack al Ngef 3/28/2003
Tba Ali Hasan 1 year Female shrapnel al Salhea 3/23/2003
Reath Gbar Sbke 1 year Male tank attack al Tthhea 3/25/2003
Heder Ali Abrahem 1 year Male shrapnel al Thraf 4/4/2003
Mahdi Ahmed Mahdi Alanze 1 year Male shrapnel al Gdeda 4/7/2003
Tmara Mahdi Srhan Alankome 1 year Female shrapnel al Dewanea 3/26/2003
Nathem Hamed Mshkwol 1 year Male shrapnel al Sheok 3/30/2003
Zaid Ali Kadem Hamza 1 year Male shrapnel al Markaz 7/26/2003
Mahdey Abed al-Atheem 1 year Male missile Basra 3/23/2003
Mhmed Fleh Mhasan Alshwele 1 year Male bullets Rfaae 3/26/2003
Lwae Sbar Sbe 2 years Male 3/24/2003
Bahaar Ali Kadem 2 years Male missile al Kefell 3/20/2003
Karar Hameed Abed AZi 2 years Male missile Basra 3/22/2003
zayen al-Aabeadeen 2 years Male bomb Basra 3/23/2003
Fatma Mged Mgde 2 years Female aircraft attack Ngef Hedrea 3/26/2003
Ftema Amged Hmada 2 years Female shrapnel al Malmenm 3/26/2003
Mohamed Aalawi Dadem Hamza 2 years Male shrapnel al Kadeimaa 3/26/2003
Mohamed Ali Kadem Hmzaa 2 years Male bomb al Kadeimaa 3/26/2003
Mrttha Adel Mahdi Alaskrat 2 years Male shrapnel 3/27/2003
Murtadhaa Aayad Taleb 2 years Male missile al Salaam 3/29/2003
Mhmed Adel Abas Alashbal 2 years Male aircraft attack Basra 4/2/2003
Eeaser Farwk Fwad Alkfage 2 years Male shrapnel Kmas 4/4/2003
Lela Nama Mke 2 years Female shrapnel Baghdad 4/5/2003
Hasan Heder Saed 2 years Male shrapnel al Tagi 4/7/2003
Mntther Heder Saed 2 years Male shrapnel al Tagi 4/7/2003
Raafet Sami Hirat 2 years Male tank attack al Rashiddia 4/7/2003
Ikbal Aussien Gameel 2 years Female missile al Sader 4/9/2003
Ahmed Amaar Abed 2 years Male burns al Naseria 4/19/2003
Mohamed Baaker Ali Kadem 2 years Male missile Kefell 7/25/2003
Thha Heder Slman Abed 3 years Female shrapnel al Rfaae 3/25/2003
Zhraa Dham Kasem Fleh 3 years Female burns al Nasrea 3/25/2003
Tkea Hnmed Ghed Fthan 3 years Female Hedrea 3/26/2003
Haider Ali Khelaan 3 years Male shrapnel al Sader 3/28/2003
Heder Gwad Shrge Alarthe 3 years Male tank attack al Krm 3/28/2003
Mstfa Hasan Twfek 3 years Male burns al Gdeda 3/28/2003
Hanan Trky Aoda 3 years Female shrapnel al Wahda 3/30/2003
Zoher Dakhel Lafta al-Daamy 3 years Male burns Karbala 4/1/2003
Amar Mohamed 3 years Male missile al Naser 4/5/2003
Abed Ala Raja'a Abed 3 years Male bullet Baya'a 4/7/2003
Zaynab Mosleh Ali 3 years Female bullet Massyab 4/7/2003
Zenab Heder Saed 3 years Female shrapnel al Tagi 4/7/2003
Zina Ali Hirat 3 years Female tank attack al Rashiddia 4/7/2003
Hussin Ali Hassen Hameed 3 years Male shrapnel al Sader 4/9/2003
Samea Raad Hmod Almoswe 3 years Female shrapnel Thrmston 4/30/2003
Maitham Haseeb Jasem 3 years Male missile al Shulla 5/4/2003
Ali Shaker Abed al-Hassan 4 years Male missile Basra 3/22/2003
Kfran Alaa Krem 4 years Female aircraft attack al Mhmod 3/24/2003
Rream Abd Alslam Shnn 4 years Female shrapnel al Shewk 3/24/2003
Mhmed Kathem Abd Hashem 4 years Male shrapnel al Thhea 3/25/2003
Fatma Aesa Atea Albsare 4 years Female tank attack al Gmalea 3/26/2003
Hsen Fleh Mhsen Brea Alshwele 4 years M bullets Stret 3/26/2003
Alk Mhmed Hgem Alarean 4 years Female burns al Nser 3/27/2003
Abd Ala Hsen Lelo 4 years Male shrapnel 7 al Sheok 3/30/2003
Mrttha Wathek Gaseb 4 years Male al Hndea 3/31/2003
Hba Shhab Ahmed Alflahe 4 years Female student shrapnel al Kearen 4/1/2003
Hsen Abas Kathem Alhsebe 4 years Male tank attack Basra 4/5/2003
Mohamad Abass Abd Ali Rahan 4 years Male missle attack al Husseneia 4/15/2003
Alaa Muneer Jabbar 4 years Male 4/17/2003
Resel Mohamad Rathe al-Ardawy 4 years Female shrapnel 4/28/2003
Gasem Mhmed Hmod Gmrat Almoswe 4 years Male shrapnel Thrmston 4/30/2003
Karrar Haider Hamza 4 years Male missile al Zeghaye 3/31/2003
Fatmaa Shaker Abed al-Hassan 5 years Female missile Basra 3/22/2003
Khaled Ghally Hasun 5 years Male missile al Bathaa 3/23/2003
Mhmed Gasem Gabir Alasbhe 5 years Male tank attack al Zawea 3/23/2003
Saad Agel Gbar Haef 5 years Male tank attack al Ngef 3/23/2003
Sajad Wisam Hasan 5 years Male sliver in heart Stret 3/23/2003
Sgad Wsam Hasan al Abraheme 5 years Male shrapnel Stret 20 3/23/2003
Abas Zore Agel 5 years Male burns al Shate 3/24/2003
Ahmed Saber Salih 5 years Male bullet al Biqa'a 3/24/2003
Ashref Katjhem Gasem 5 years Female shrapnel al Shrkea 3/25/2003
Noora Fatah Ismael 5 years Male bullet in head al Saif 3/25/2003
Sajad Jasem 5 years Male bomb al Sader 3/25/2003
Wrda Kald al Zbde 5 years Female shrapnel Stret 20 3/25/2003
Mmhmed Flah Kathem Htab Altae 5 years Male tank attack 3/26/2003
Muktada Abas Nahey 5 years Male bomb al Baker 3/26/2003
Mhmed Abd Alhsen Easen 5 years Male bullets Klat Sker 3/27/2003
Mksm Nthem Abd Alrzalk Hsen 5 years Male shrapnel al Shamea 3/27/2003
Nor Hamed Mshkwol 5 years Female shrapnel al Sheok 3/30/2003
Mhmod Abhem Hashem Alnaeme 5 years Male shrapnel al Thadeen 4/1/2003
Mrem Adel Awda Alhmrany 5 years Female bullets al Usfea 4/3/2003
Asmaael Ohab Asmaael 5 years Male shrapnel 4/5/2003
Hend Ali Abed Alrahman 5 years Female missile al Naser 4/5/2003
Neemah Juadd Kazem 5 years Male shrapnel al Edarah 4/6/2003
Zhraa Abd Gasem 5 years Female shrapnel Kan 4/6/2003
Lena Ali Hirat 5 years Female tank attack al Rashiddia 4/7/2003
Sgad Heder Saed 5 years Male shrapnel al Tagi 4/7/2003
Husien Ali Hasun 5 years Male al Sader 4/9/2003
Ali Hussain Majeed 5 years Male bomb Areedo 4/10/2003
Theaa Smer Gbar Maged 5 years Male shrapnel al Hawe 4/17/2003
Mohammed Taher Ali 5 years Male bomb Laylan 4/28/20

Here are some of the faces.

Here are some of the personal losses of a single Chicago Tribune employee:

1. Media Majeed, 27, sister, killed April 13, 2006, in Baghdad's Dora neighborhood, by police responding to a nearby attack by insurgents.
2. Fuad al-Ghazzawi, 34, cosmetics shop owner, primary school friend, killed by gunmen in 2006 in Dora.
3. Mohammed Obeid, 33, book and stationery store owner, high school friend, killed by gunmen, 2006, in Dora.
4. Thaer al-Shemmari, 33, bookshop and stationary store owner adjacent to Mohammed. Shot by gunmen in 2005 in Dora
5. Raad, 29, plumber and neighbor, shot by gunmen, 2006 in Dora.
6. Salman Khalaf, mid-40s, friend and former army officer, kidnapped 2005, still missing though the family paid ransom.
7. Col. Karim al Mihyawi, 40s, friend, assassinated, Dora, 2005.
8. His brother, Saad al Mihyawi, mid 30s, real estate broker, found shot dead behind the wheel of his car in Dora, 2006.
9. Abd al-Zahra, 40s, dairy products store owner, shot dead 2006 in Dora.
10. Aamer Abu Abdullah, late 30s, friend, shot dead in his grocery shop in Dora, 2006.
11. Retired police Col. Saad Naeem al-Samarraie, father of an old friend, kidnapped 2006 and still missing.
12. Salam Sarteeb, 37, street vendor and neighbor, killed in Dora in August 2005.
13. Najim Hilal, 38, friend and oil factory employee, shot dead in Dora on June 5, 2006.
14. Waad, 32, businessman, friend and neighbor, shot dead in Dora, 2006
15. Adil Abu Qaisar, 40s, CD shop owner, neighbor, friend, shot dead in Dora, 2005.
16. Mohammed Ali Hamza al-Assadi, 60s, university teacher and father of a close friend, shot dead in Baghdad's Saydiya neigbhorhood, 2005.
17. Yasser Abdul Amir, 39, agricultural college teacher, friend and neighbor, killed by a suicide bomb in Baghdad's Zayouna neighborhood, January 2008.
18. Qasim, late 30s, barber and neighbor, shot dead in Dora 2006.
19. Ashraf Abdul Qadir, 22, cousin, shot by U.S. soldiers in Tal Afar, April 13, 2006.
20. Hameed Mohammed Saleh, 40, uncle and taxi driver, and his son, Mohammed, 10, killed by unidentified gunmen in Tal Afar, Mosul province, June 11, 2006.
21. Abdul Ghani Aslan, 47, uncle and taxi driver, killed in an explosion aimed at U.S. forces in Tal Afar, June 2005.
22. Abdul Basit Mohammed Saleh, 35, friend, taxi driver, shot dead in Dora in front of his wife and child, May 8, 2006.
23. Zainalabdin Mamdouh, 32, engineer, friend, shot dead in Baghdad's Washash neighborhood, March 2006.
24. Basil al-Qaisi, late 50s, retired army officer, father of close friend, shot dead in Saydiya in 2006.
25. Atheer Faisal, 30, neighbor, grocery store owner, shot dead on the way to Baquba in 2006.
26. Mohammed Wajih, 33, friend, English teacher, shot dead in Dora, 2006
27. Dhurgham Rahim, 30, neighbor, state employee, killed April 13, 2006, by unknown gunmen, a few hours before my sister was killed about 100 meters away.
28. Ayad Saleh, 35, engineer, a close friend, kidnapped October 2006 in Salman Pak and still missing.
29. Ali Abdul Salam, 18, hotel worker blown up in an explosion aimed at the compound housing our bureau in 2005.
30. Omer Abdul Khaliq, 8, cousin, killed when an American tank opened fire in Tel Afar, May 25, 2005.
31. Hussein Luqman, 8, cousin, killed in the same incident.
32. Abu Ayad, 60s, pickle seller and neighbor, shot dead in Dora, 2006.
33. Adel Naji, 30s, neighbor and fellow journalist, killed in Ameriyah in 2006.
34. Abdul Jabbar Abdul Sattar, 36, engineer, college friend, shot dead in Dora, 2004.
35. Sheikh Qassem, 35, electrician, friend, killed in Ramadi, Anbar province 2005.
36. Emad Saif, 31, friend, barber, shot dead in Dora 2005.
37. Issam Mahmood al Jaaf, 36, shot by gunmen in Dora 2006.
38. Jamal Salman, 30s, electrician, friend and neighbor, shot dead in Dora 2006.
39. Rowayed Fa'ez Hanna, 7, next-door neighbor, killed in 2005 when Americans opened fire on his vehicle.
40. Ramen Fa'ez Hanna, a few months old, brother of Rowayed, killed in the same incident.
41. Dr. Tareq Mohsin Haider, 32, friend and neighbor, chemistry teacher, killed Sept. 3, 2006, when U.S. convoy opened fire on his vehicle, along with his mother and two sisters. His wife was left crippled.
42. Saad al Lami, 30s, neighbor and store owner, 2004, killed as he lay in his bed by shrapnel from a bomb aimed at a U.S. patrol.
43. Ammar al-Lami, 34, cousin of Saad, killed March 2008 on the road to Amman.
44. Nassir Jassem Akkam: 38, friend and businessman, killed in a suicide bombing in Karradeh, March 6, 2008.

For more recent updates, check the Iraq Body Count site.

The next time you read about the money, the oil, the president who keeps talking about bringing freedom to little Iraqi girls, freedom to work, for instance, who talks about the buildings we've built and how grateful the Iraqi people are to us and the strides forward they've made, shouldn't they be grateful, think about these Iraqi people. I mean, (warning, following link is of pictures) it's not like we killed them ourselves, right Dana? I mean, not that we're counting. And the refugees?


Are they not, in a way free? Have we not brought them freedom?

They can no longer say we have not given them freedom.

I cannot fathom our president; what's he's thinking, how he can live with himself. I want to send him to the Hague, so that the parents of these children, their brothers and sisters, their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and every single person left in the smoking ruin we have made of their country may come and bear witness. I want them to be given a time to tell him and every single member of this administration exactly what this war has cost them. There is not enough shame in the world to cover this.

I bear witness, and I will not stop doing so. I am an American, and this is what has been done in my name.

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