Thursday, January 10, 2008

20 things I've done to make my life a little saner

1. given in to the siren call of used bookstores. 3 books for $10? *has warm glow*

2. refuse to step on scales. don't have any anymore, don't want any.

3. watch/do at least one thing a day that I think is funny.

4. remind myself how far I've come.

5. practice being honest about my feelings.

6. have a daily cup of coffee, too sweet and milky. coffee is comfort food.

7. treat myself to a good beer. A little good beer is comfort food, too.

8. read something I've written that I'm proud of and edit it.

9. sex or a good wank. Seriously.

10. dance around, singing loud, mood appropriate songs. There are times when only Ice Cube will do.

11. work out while watching a good movie. Nothing special, just a little sweat.

12. shop at thrift stores, not new stores. I fit better in older, broken-in clothes and I like them better. I actually found an old black happi coat a few months ago.

13. talk to someone who I think understands me.

14. when necessary, flame a sexist. It's oddly soothing to get to do something decisive that I feel is clearly motivated and necessary. Goal!

15. write about my feelings.

16. build my dream castles. I like to justify this by calling it planning, but sometimes it's good to just imagine decorating the castle I'll never own outside my imagination.

17. tell someone a story, sometimes a funny one. If I can make someone laugh, I usually feel better.

18. practice one random act of being kind (holding the door open for someone, buying someone lunch, etc.)

19. play games. Live games are fine, video games are fine, something that's distracting and competitive is very stress relieving.

20. read. Terry Pratchett is always good for a smile.

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