Thursday, January 10, 2008

I forgot to mention it

in the previous post, but the 'you need a man to do for ya' meme is the cleaner cut cousin of the 'if you were getting laid better, you would a nicer woman.' I'll resist the urge to discuss my sex life in detail here and say that I get out just fine on a regular basis and while it does relax me, it has never made me want to buy pearls and a frilly apron. I'm no good at nice, though I occasionally manage polite.

What I will say is that it is another example of the trapping women experience when they buck any system. If you make anyone uncomfortable, it's because there's something deficient about you.

Oddly enough, it quickly becomes a discussion, explicit or implicit, of whether or not you've had recent, quality penis.

When the meme is implicit and I recognize it, I try to defuse it with pointing out that competencies are not penis based, other than peeing standing up. I've had the practice, but I'm not quite as good at aiming as I'd like to think most guys are (although, having cleaned work restrooms, I'm not so sure.)

When the meme is explicit, I amuse myself by telling the speaker I do, indeed, have penis at home. Several, in fact, with a matching halter that I can remove when I don't want to deal with having something awkwardly hanging off me. I have no inherent problem with penii, they can be quite fun, I just think that if the penis is supposed to fix things, I should get to draw the speaker's attention to the drawbacks thereof.

Sometimes I twitch my foot when I'm talking about it.

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